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Rising Women Sisterhood

We empower women to reclaim their full essence through immersive healing practices inspired by shamanic and tantric arts.


Welcome, Loves!

We are Hanna and Natasha and we are two sisters that love to create magic together. We created the Rising Women Sisterhood because we wanted to empower women to reclaim their full essence through immersive experiences, workshops and private sessions.

Hanna has an endless amount of curiosity for human beings and everyone's unique heart and growth, hence her passion for self-love.

Natasha is passionate about holding space for women to thrive and unleash their wild spirits into this world.

Journey to Self-Love

A Lisbon Series:

Connecting deeper to our femininity, our bodies and our inner wisdom.

November 7th, 14th & 21st

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Full Moon Gathering

Brothers & Sisters Full Moon Gathering

November 12th


What Women Are Saying


Brooke Estin
Sevilla, Spain

“I can whole-heartedly say this experience changed my life. I feel more in touch with myself, more aware of my intuition, and more deeply connected to other sisters. Hanna and Natasha are incredibly powerful and wise women who have created a space for healing, connection and depth in a way that I had never experienced before. These women are so powerful and create a space where you can really do deep and important and necessary work in an environment that is safe, and loving and transformational. If you are even a little bit curious about this, I hope that you say yes to yourself and say yes to this powerful experience.”


Tamar Berger
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I’ve been so amazing by the entire 5 days we spent here. I’ve done retreats and women’s groups before and I’ve never experienced a group that was able to connect so quickly and run right in on such a deep level. Hanna and Natasha were able to create such a safe space for us to truly show up and really share the core of ourselves. And that is really something special. “


Shannon Graybill
Lisbon, Portugal

“It has been one of the most profound experiences I’ve had as an adult. I had been wanting to connect with women and myself in a deeper, more structured way for a long time. I had been doing so through reading, meditation, journaling and yoga. This experience was this profound connection with women and myself at the same time. Hanna and Natasha created an environment that let us be vulnerable, let us share emotions and created space. They introduced us to ceremonies and teachings that I want to go deeper with. Their connection and bond between each other made it possible. I was so excited to leave with 9 other sisters!”

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Photography by Slavica Kostovski: Fire Ceremony Picture