We are two sisters that love to create magic together.


Hanna has an endless amount of curiosity for human beings and everyone's unique heart and growth, hence her passion for self-love. Her strong presence combined with a deep sense for freedom allows her to support humans to unleash their free spirit. She holds space through shamanic & tantric arts in retreats and workshops. Moreover, she is a team builder and an authentic leadership trainer focused on social entrepreneurship and innovation.


Natasha is passionate about holding space for women to thrive and unleash their wild spirits into this world. She assists others through self-healing practices influenced by reiki, yoga as well as taoist, tantric and shamanic arts. She’s a certified yoga teacher with a specialty in slow flow, yin yoga and breathing techniques. Beyond the healing space, Natasha is a social entrepreneur, a community builder and supports businesses that tackle pressing social and environmental issues.


Our Offerings


Photography by Slavica Kostovski: Top + fire ceremony